Our Promise

Silicon Motion upholds the pragmatic spirit of honesty and innovation to participate in social charity with practical actions. And the conviction of inheritance leads it to help the underprivileged groups within the society openhandedly with the knowledge, skills and joyful energy that it possesses while putting into practice the credo of “those with greater intelligence and ability should serve thousands and ten thousands to the limit of their power and make thousands and ten thousands happy. Those with less Intelligence and ability should serve tens and hundreds to the limit of their power and make tens and hundreds happy.”

Taking the people as the basis, we endeavor to experience the true needs of the vulnerable groups.

We believe social welfare is not merely making donations but  showing one’s concerns through practical actions. We establish the volunteer society where employees participate in social welfare spontaneously. We encourage the participation of everybody to feel the needs of the vulnerable groups and organized the Volunteer Day.

We inspirit the employees to participate in the charities and to arrange one day in a month to the social welfare organizations for a single day’s volunteer activities.